• Wills
  • Testamentary contracts (renunciation of inheritance in favour of parents, assignment of real estate to certain heirs, donation to foundation, etc.)
  • Matrimonial agreements (maximum benefit to spouse, separation of property, etc.)
  • Property contracts for legally registered partners
  • Trust foundation
  • Precautionary guardianship arrangements
  • Guarantees
  • Real estate transactions in the canton of Aargau (such as purchase and sale of real estate, establishment of co-ownership and condominium ownership, subdivision or partitioning and unification of real estate) in close cooperation with our partner notary public or a renowned notary public’s office in Aargau


  • Company foundation (AG, GmbH etc.)
  • Amendments of the articles of incorporation (headquarters relocations, increases and reductions of capital, etc.)
  • Company reorganisation
  • Fusions
  • Dissolution of companies
  • Contracts between the shareholders or the partners of a limited liability company


  • Authentication of signatures (e.g. on contracts, powers of attorney, etc.)
  • Verification of copies of original documents
  • Verification of excerpts or transcripts of original documents